Music of the Night

​20"x40" watercolor mounted on canvas


It was truly a “happy accident,” just a watercolor class taken on a lark, when I discovered my true calling. I’ve always had the ability to draw, but never thought much about it.

After that class, painting became my obsession, propelling my life into a fascinating world of art - studying, exhibiting, teaching and lots of exciting travel based on the excuse of “capturing ideas.”

That first class was over thirty years ago. Since then, my work has been internationally published and sold in venues as diverse as street fairs, a New York Art Gallery, Bed Bath and Beyond stores and art auctions held on luxury cruise liners.

My painting interests today have now evolved into mixed media and collage and a concentration on Sumi-e, Japanese ink painting.

When I initially began Sumi-e, I met and then had the opportunity to study with a very accomplished Japanese flower arranging teacher. I currently hold a fifth level certificate the Sogetsu School of Ikebana.

Color and design are my passion, paying close attention to contrast, values and placement. I enjoy following design trends and capturing those that pique my interest in some artistic form. 

What can be done with the color wheel always amazes me. My chosen subject matter, no matter the medium or style, is most often treated in a realistic style and mostly varies from flowers and landscapes to architecture.

As I have found myself enjoying a lifetime practice of Japanese arts - Sumi-e, Haiku and Ikebana - it just seemed appropriate to create a format where I could share these artistic pleasures with others. In my workshops and classes I now can do this.